Could LazyAssStoner’s 3 seo techniques help you to rank in NYC?

LazyAssStoner has been building websites and driving traffic to them using a foundation seo strategy to rank them in Google. He is sharing with us those particular seo steps that he been using to rank his websites in Google over and over again.

  1. Work on Low Competition Keywords in your niche. As they have low competition, it would take less resources and time to rank them. Once they start ranking, then opt for medium and heavier competitive keywords.
  2. Create a website that works and help users. Then create content that are useful.
  3. Start to promote every piece of content everywhere especially the social network. Create profiles for all major social network to draw attention to your content. As people read your content, the probability to attract backlinks increase.

If you need more information to rank in NYC, visit this seo nyc guide.

One comment on “Could LazyAssStoner’s 3 seo techniques help you to rank in NYC?


Not a lot of people understand the power of low-hanging keywords and just some simple on page for seo.. Thanks for the highlights..


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